Sponsor an Orphan

We firmly believe that every child, regardless of their circumstances, deserves a life filled with health, joy, and fulfillment. With this in mind, Ar Rahmah Trust strives to uplift orphans from their unfortunate circumstances, providing them with a comprehensive support system. By joining hands with us, you can help supply education, healthcare, and basic necessities to orphans in underprivileged regions.

How Your Donation Helps

Through your sponsorship with Ar Rahmah Trust, you can profoundly influence the life trajectory of a vulnerable child. By contributing a modest sum of just £30 a month, you can ensure that an orphan receives nutritious food, quality education, essential medical care, and other vital necessities. Your support is instrumental in helping these children break free from the shackles of poverty and realize their true potential.

Narrated Abu Huraira : Allah’s said, “Whoever is made wealthy by Allah and does not pay the Zakat of his wealth, then on the Day of Resurrection his wealth will be made like a bald-headed poisonous male snake with two black spots over the eyes. The snake will encircle his neck and bite his cheeks and say, ‘I am your wealth, I am your treasure.’ ” Then the Prophet recited the holy verses:– ‘Let not those who withhold . . .’ (to the end of the verse). (3.180).

Current Appeals

Our goal is to provide vital aid and support to vulnerable communities during the winter season.
You can make a difference with your zakat to help break the cycle of poverty, offering a chance for a brighter future.
Your donation to ‘Where most needed’ will be directed to projects with utmost urgency, alleviating the burden of decision making.
Countless families in Pakistan are suffering due to the lack of access to clean water. With your help, we can bring hope to their hearts and transform their lives.
Cataracts dim sight, causing permanent blindness. Your donation can fund a life-changing operation, preventing future blindness.
Earn rewards supporting Ar-Rahmah Trust’s year-round campaigns, ensuring sustained assistance for the needy.
Sponsor a needy family with Ar-Rahmah Trust, providing vital support for nutritious food, clean water, and essential necessities.
You can help transform the life of a vulnerable child in Pakistan by providing them with education, healthcare and necessities.
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