Give Regularly

At Ar Rahmah Trust, we steadfastly dedicate ourselves to ameliorating the lives of those teetering on the edge of survival. With an array of impactful projects underway, your regular donation can serve as a beacon of hope, helping to shatter the chains of poverty by providing families with food, healthcare, education, and other fundamental necessities. Through this program, we ensure your donation is utilized optimally throughout the year, contributing to meaningful change.

Eye Camp 1 - AR Rahmah Trust
Eye Camp 1 - AR Rahmah Trust

How Your Donation Makes A Difference

Your consistent support can substantially fortify our mission to create a more equitable world for the less fortunate. With a monthly donation of just £10, you can contribute towards all of Ar Rahmah Trust's projects and earn everlasting blessings. This recurring contribution will be channeled towards the most pressing campaigns throughout the year, making a real difference where it's needed most.

Donation Process

  • Navigate to the donation page via the provided link and complete the form.
  • Select the amount you wish to donate regularly, for example, £10 per month.
  • Enter your personal data and payment details.
  • Rest assured, your donation will be used efficiently and transparently to support our wide range of projects.
Eye Camp 1 - AR Rahmah Trust