As the sacred observance of Qurbani draws near, Ar-Rahmah Trust emerges as a beacon of compassion, extending our hands to those laboring under life's relentless hardships. Together, we set forth on an expedition of mercy, aiming to lighten the burdens of those less privileged, breaking through barriers and sparking meaningful transformation via the essence of Qurbani.

Eye Camp 1 - AR Rahmah Trust
Eye Camp 1 - AR Rahmah Trust

Our Initiatives

Ar-Rahmah Trust provides three unique avenues for your Qurbani contributions, each tailored to resonate with your preferences:

Cow-Share (£70)

By donating £70 towards a Cow-Share, you can share the delight of Qurbani with deserving families. This affordable option allows for the sacrifice of a cow to be distributed among several families, ensuring they receive sustenance and nourishment during this holy period.

Full Cow (£490)

Choose the Full Cow donation at £490 to contribute towards a whole cow for the underprivileged. Your generous contribution ensures a comprehensive Qurbani experience for many families by providing a plentiful supply of meat, nourishment, and a glimmer of hope during this auspicious event.

Eye Camp 1 - AR Rahmah Trust
Eye Camp 1 - AR Rahmah Trust

Goat (£120)

Should you opt for the Goat donation at £120, you will be supporting the needs of smaller families or individuals. This ensures that they too can participate in the joy of Qurbani and receive the nutritional benefits this sacred act offers.

How to Contribute:

  • Begin by visiting our website and clicking on the ‘Donate Now’ button.
  • Browse our list of initiatives and select the ‘Qurbani’ option. ​
  • Choose your preferred Qurbani donation: Cow-Share, Full Cow, or Goat.
  • Proceed to input your payment details for a secure and smooth transaction process.
Eye Camp 1 - AR Rahmah Trust