Sponsor A Poor Family

Approximately 24% of Pakistan's population grapples with the harsh reality of life below the poverty line. These less fortunate families endure the everyday struggle of meeting basic necessities like food, shelter, and healthcare. Ar Rahmah Trust tirelessly works to alleviate the hardships faced by these families. You, too, can play an instrumental role in liberating these families from the clutches of poverty. Your generous donation to Ar Rahmah Trust could bring about a significant positive change in the lives of these vulnerable families.

Sponsor A Poor Family - AR Rahmah Trust
How Your Donation Helps - Sponsor A Poor Family - AR Rahmah Trust

How Your Donation Makes A Difference

You can join Ar Rahmah Trust to provide the essentials - food, clean water, medical care, and other vital necessities - to deserving families. Whether you choose to donate £30 a month or as little as £1 a day, your support can become the lifeline for these families in their times of need. With your assistance, we can empower these families to become self-reliant and escape the unyielding cycle of poverty.

Donation Process

  • Click on the 'Donate Now' button and select the "Sponsor a Poor Family" option.
  • Enter your desired donation amount or select from the options available.
  • Fill in your personal details and provide your card information for billing.
  • Rest assured, our commitment to transparency ensures that your donation will be utilized most effectively.
How to Donate - AR Rahmah Trust

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